A copy-edit of your work will be done by at least two members of our team so that you are guaranteed to receive a thorough check of your work.

Copy-editing is a service where your manuscript is checked for spelling errors and grammar, for fluidity, and to make sure there are no obvious errors or legal issues within the text. A copy-edit will also make sure that the type-setting all looks okay.

This service is essential for your work to ensure that everything flows correctly and there aren’t any grammar or spelling issues in the work that can put readers off, even causing them to stop reading completely.

Copy-editing will normally be charged at £20 p/h (roughly £4 p/1000 words), with an average cost of £100 per 300pg book. However these prices are subject to how much work is involved and will be charged on a case-by-case basis. The average cost is to give you an idea of our costs but it may be cheaper or more expensive. You can get a quote by using our My contact form.