A critique of your work will be done by at least two members of our team so that you get a wide range of feedback on your work.

A critique involves a full read of your manuscript with formal comments on how your manuscript can be improved; pointing out where characters fall flat, any plot holes you may have missed, and offering suggestions to make your work stronger and your writing skills more confident in the long-term.

This service can provide invaluable insight into your work and offer you a solution to problems you may have encountered while writing. However, it is only advice and you are under no obligations to change your manuscript with our suggestions if you do not wish to.

Critiquing will normally be charged at £10 p/h, with an average cost of £50 per 300pg book, however this is subject to how much work is involved and every text will be charged on a case-by-case basis. The average cost is to give you an idea of our costs but it may be cheaper or more expensive. You can get a quote by using our contact form.