A proofread of your work will be done by at least two members of our team so that you are guaranteed to receive a thorough check of your work.

Proofreading is the final stage of getting your book ready for publish. Despite how it reads, proofreading isn’t just a check for spelling and grammar. A proofreader does minor edits to correct any spelling that may have been missed but this is just one part of the process. Proofreaders also check to make sure that the contents of the book have no continuity errors (such as different eye or hair colour for characters), they check that the layout of the book is correct and there aren’t any errors with details such as page numbers. They check the table of contents, and ensure all images correlate to the text.

This service is a thorough look through the book to avoid any errors in the final document before the book is officially published and sent out into the world.

Proofreading will normally be charged at £18 p/h, with an average cost of £90 per 300pg book. However these prices are subject to how much work is involved and will be charged on a case-by-case basis. The average cost is to give you an idea of our costs but it may be cheaper or more expensive. You can get a quote by using our contact form.