Kim Curran

Faye was responsible for organising a blog tour for the release of my book, Glaze.

She leveraged her vast contacts and respect within the blogging community to organise an amazing tour. It involved a restricted sign up, 30 blog visits and a give away. And it created an enormous amount of positive buzz around the book release. Faye made sure that the topics covered were fresh and original saving me from the pain of having to answer the same questions over and over again. She kept me constantly up-to-date with all the information I
needed. The whole process was hugely enjoyable and the most stress-free blog tour I have ever done.

Faye is amazing to work with. Organised, professional and her passion for books is infectious. It’s unsurprising that she’s seen as one of the leading voices within the YA blogging community.

Since finishing the tour, I’ve had many author friends contact me asking who was behind the ‘blogopocalypse’ that took place. And it is without hesitation that I have been recommending her to anyone I possibly can. Her online PR skills would be an asset to any author or publisher.