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FILLED; Delete by Kim Curran


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Delete (Shift #3) by Kim Curran
Tour Dates: 30th March – 5th April

About the Book

The country is at war. Beset by enemies within and without. And all because of the decisions changed by one boy, Scott Tyler. In this ravaged alternative world, Scott hardly recognizes himself. He’s a war hero, a leader of a unit of Shifters and maybe the only one who can prevent the country’s frail defenses from crumbling.

But all Scott wants to do is find a way back to the reality he knew, without losing the girl he loves. With every Shift he makes, Scott edges closer towards oblivion. With no one to trust – not even himself – how much is he willing to risk to get home?

Shifting. Fantasy. Consequences

There is a week long blog tour that will consist of author guest posts, interviews and reviews. The sign-up form below will allow you to sign up for the tour.

If you haven’t read Shift or Control, and you’d like to, I can get you an e-copy of the book, just mention it on the sign up form.

So, if this looks like your kind of book, why not join up?