Sign up today to become a tour host and hear all about the new books that Faye is helping to promote. By signing up you will let her know which types of books you want to hear about so your inbox won’t be bombarded with everything that comes her way. There is no obligation to sign up for every tour you are e-mailed about and you are in no way required to participate in any tour at all.

Signing Up As A Tour Host

Upon signing up to be a tour host you will be added to a database (via MailChimp) where your information will be used purely to send e-mails to you about books that are likely to interest you and your followers.

You will be able to change any of the information Faye has on hold for you by simply sending her a quick e-mail.

You will also be able to unsubscribe from her list at any time that you feel fit.

What Will Be Required Of You

As a blog tour host you will not be required to join any tours that end up in your inbox.

If you do, however, sign up to a tour and are officially scheduled onto the tour but do not post and do not inform Faye or respond to e-mails about the missed post, you will be removed from the list.

Once you’re officially scheduled onto tours it is your responsibility to make sure that the posts go live at the required time. However, Faye does know that you likely blog as a hobby and will be very lenient as long as you stay in contact with her. If no communication occurs, she withholds the right to unsubscribe you from the list and prevent you from joining any further tours.

What Faye Will Do For You

Faye will create a user-friendly media kit for every tour.

Faye will ensure that you have all of the information for your tour stops in plenty of time.

Faye will be in constant communication with you, and is always contactable if any problem does arise during the tour. Even if it is on your tour post date.

Faye will do everything she can to make your tour stop smooth and easy, including providing HTML posts that are easy to just copy and paste into your browser.

Blogger Testimonials

“I was a host on the blog tour Faye Rogers organised for Kim Curran’s Glaze and had a great experience. From a reader’s point of view, it was fantastic to see such a wide variety of posts and to see the enthusiasm people had for Kim’s fantastic book as the tour really took off. From a blogger’s point of view, it was a very easy, stress-free tour to take part in as Faye provided a superb media kit, as well as a clearly formatted guest post, both well in advance of my date on the tour. In addition, the Twitter chat she organised was superb – really great fun and an amazing way to spread the word about Glaze! I would definitely recommend her to both authors and bloggers as an excellent blog tour organiser.”
- Jim at Ya Yeah Yeah

“I have worked with Faye for a couple of things for my blog, a review for a book, and taking part in the blog tour for Glaze. I was amazed at how organised, punctual, and approachable she is. She has every detail that you would ever need for a post already available so I didn’t have to go hunting around for author links, or purchase links. All information for tour posts were sent out with plenty of time for books to be read, posts to be scheduled, and to contact her should any problems arise.

Faye was a delight to work with and I look forward to future ventures with her.”
- Michelle at Much Loved Books

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