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Blog Tour Wrap Up: At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

A moving story about the nature of love and redemption set amidst the worst of the London Blitz and the destruction of London’s hallowed seat of law, the Temple

Adam Falling is a failing, sick barrister married to Catherine but conducting an affair with the glamorous Julia, who happens to be the wife of his Head of Chambers, Jeremy Pemberton.
Julia, fearful of losing her children, suddenly ends the affair. But it is too late. Pemberton discovers it and Adam is kicked out of his home and his chambers. Unable to work without a chambers and facing ruin, salvation comes in the unlikely form of the brilliant barrister, Roland (“Roly”) Blytheway. Blythway, held back in his career because of his sexuality, befriends him and invites him to join his chambers at Lamb Building.

It is there he finds himself defending a Czech refugee, Tomas Novak, who has been accused of treason and who is facing the gallows and becomes mired in another contested divorce case for one Arnold Bateman, where he, on the recommendation of Pemberton, represents the co-respondent whilst Pemberton represents the petitioner – a piece of cruel psychological torture on the part of Pemberton.

Whilst the Blitz rages on around, can Adam save Novak from the gallows? Can he get Bateman off? Will he ever discover why Julia suddenly broke off their affair? Can he succeed in resisting Jeremy’s claims against him personally? He has been told that only one man can possibly save him and that man is Roland Blytheway.
At the Dark Hour is the story of ordinary people caught in the horror of war whilst the city is destroyed around them. It features many of the most notable real life events of the Blitz such as the bombing of the Café de Paris.

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Review Quotes

“The book is historically interesting and engaging. You get emotionally involved with the characters and are rewarded by knowing a lot about them. The courtroom drama is great and the characters really come alive when they are investigating and trying their cases.” – Behind Closed Doors Book Review

“Overall, a great new historical fiction novel about the Blitz and the people who would have lived and loved within that time frame. I highly recommend it! ” – Belleandthenovel

“This novel was a joy to read for someone like me that has such a deep love of detail. I won’t lie, I’ve read it twice.” – Blue Striped Square

“Think Atonement, think Birdsong, think love in times of war and you’d be on the right path,  At the Dark Hour is utterly brilliant! I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters, they pulled me in and made me care. The writing is fantastic, the storyline amazing, the characters wonderful! At the Dark Hour is a must read! ” – Portable Magic

“I thoroughly enjoyed the story and highly recommend it to any fans of historical fiction works set during WWII” – Donna’s Book Blog

A Big Thank You!

And lastly I want to just say a big thank you to all of the bloggers that participated in this tour, they were all troopers and helped to make the blog tour a complete success!