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Beauty and the Beast by Ravinder Randhawa

Review Opportunity

Today I am here to let you all know about a book that I currently have digital copies to send to you for reviewing purposes. But I thought the best way to introduce this book to you was to tell you why I think you should read it.

Beauty and the Beast Cover ‘Problems? Confusions? Contradictions? I got them all and if you’ve got them, then FLAUNT them is my motto.’ Meet Harjinder (aka Hari-jan): ‘A’ level student, supermarket worker and desperate journalist. Feisty and impulsive, Hari-jan can’t refuse a dare and to make matters worse has fallen in love with the wrong boy.
Her best friend Ghazala has taken to wearing the hijab and mentoring racists.
Can Hari-jan battle through the hurdles and win her man?
Can Ghazala work out how to do Good in her own way?
A sparkling, coming-of-age novel about life, love and friendship.


Ten Reasons to Read Beauty and the Beast by Ravinder Randhawa

  1. It is a very culturally diverse read, featuring a Brit-Asian protagonist.
  2. It’s a fun, light-hearted read that is very entertaining.
  3. The characters are vast, three-dimensional and realistic.
  4. It covers some very interesting and thought-provoking topics, such as feminism and the worry of employment.
  5. It is an empowering and moving read.
  6. It is well-written, with a captivating plot.
  7. It is a quick read because it is incredibly addictive and easy to just imagine.
  8. There are so many diverse and varied characters – just like in life!
  9. It is a book that is full of flair, with a main character who is just coming to know more about the world.
  10. It is a truly wonderful book that you shouldn’t miss.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these reviews;

“I enjoyed and related to all her family dramas and her family and lifestyle.” – Samina – Escapism

“I liked “Beauty and the Beast” finding it not only amusing but emotionally riveting as it explores Asian life in Britain through the eyes of a spirited teenage girl who finds romance with an impossible boy.” – Wendy @ Goodreads

“With such lovely characters and great diversity, this was a rather enjoyable read.” – Sally – The Dark Dictator

If you’re interested in reviewing this title, let me know by using my Contact Form or by tweeting me (@fayerogersuk)