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FILLED: A Wicked Old Woman by Ravinder Randhawa

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A Wicked Old Woman by Ravinder Randhawa
Review Tour Dates; 26th Oct – 8th Nov

About the Book

A sharply observed, witty and confident novel brimming with drama, masquerade and mischief.

In a bustling British city, decked out with NHS specs and Oxfam coat, Kulwant masquerades behind her old woman’s disguise, taking life or leaving it as she feels inclined, seeking new adventures and venturing back into her past.

Divorced from her husband, disapproved of by her sons, mistrusted by their wives, Kulwant makes real contact through a jigsaw of meetings: with the Punjabi Punk who dusts her down after a carefully calculated fall, with Caroline, her gregarious friend from school days, who watched over her dizzy romance with Michael the archangel; with Maya the myopic who can’t see beyond her weeping heart, and with Rani/ Rosalind who’s just killed a man…


This adult contemporary book is interesting and addictive read featuring a Brit-Asian woman and spans the time period of the sixties, seventies and eighties. If that sounds like a book you’d be interested in reviewing on your blog, sign up for the blog tour by filling out the form below!