Faye offers a wide range of different services but as a new author it can all seem a bit confusing. Carry on reading to find out what each different service is.

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Blog Tour

A blog tour is very similar to a traditional book tour except that everything happens online instead of in bookshops or in schools. The idea of a traditional book tour is to get you and your book known to people who may not have heard of you before. It’s a way of letting people hear about you and your book and to spike their interest. A blog tour does exactly the same thing.

Every blog tour is different but the aim is always the same; to get your book seen. Without people knowing about your book, how would they ever buy it?

Blog tours occur on book blogs and usually consist of a variety of different posts. This could be a handful of reviews written by bloggers, a handful of guest posts written by the author, interviews between blogger and author, or may even be more creative with character guest posts and interviews. All the stops will be in some way relevant to you and your book.

Some authors may also provide a giveaway for the tour as well. This has been known to help the publicity of the tour but is definitely not a requirement for every single tour – and tours without them are still successful!

Cover Reveal

A cover reveal is something that occurs across a handful of blogs on the same day where they show their followers your new cover. This is a cover that will not have been seen anywhere else online before. The idea of the cover reveal is to entice new readers into knowing about your book and getting them intrigued enough to want to read it. Cover reveals include the book synopsis and any links to where your book may already be online. (i.e. Goodreads).

Release Day Blitz

A release day blitz is a lot like a cover reveal but it happens on the day of your book release. Across a handful of blogs your book will have what is called a “promotional” spot (or a promo post). The bloggers will post your book cover, synopsis, author pic, author bio and all of the links to purchase the book. This is a good way of telling all those interested readers that your book is finally available to buy.

It is also possible to include a giveaway as part of the release day blitz, to start your blog tour with a release day blitz, or even to have one in the middle of the tour!

Twitter Chat

Have you ever been on twitter and seen the hashtag #UKYAChat or #boutofbooks? This hashtags are used for what is called “Twitter Chat’s”. For a limited time period (usually an hour) a bunch of people from across the world come together on twitter to talk about a specific topic. As an author, a twitter chat is the perfect place for people to get to know you as an author and your book that you want to get into the hands of other people. It is a great time to have insightful discussions and also to ask any fan-based questions from your readers or curious readers.

Guest Posts and Interviews

Being seen in the blogosphere can help your sales immeasurably but it’s not always easy to get bloggers interested in you or your book. This is where Faye come in. With her vast array of contacts and the trust bloggers put in her, she will contact them and ask if they would be willing to host you on their blog for a guest post or interview.

Reviewer Help

Constantly having to find and contact bloggers to read and review your book can be very exhausting and time-consuming, especially when it hails no results. Knowing how to approach bloggers successfully can be difficult. This is where Faye comes in. She will do all of the contacting of bloggers for you, offering your book to review on their blogs. She will continue to do so until she has a pre-determined number of reviews. She cannot, however, guarantee that all of those reviews will be positive – but even negative reviews can be good for sales.