What I Do For You

When buying my services, this is what I will be helping you out with.

  • Approaching and liasing with bloggers to find those interested in participating in your blog tour
  • Creating a sign-up form for the blog tour, cover reveal, etc
  • Communicating with bloggers about their tour stops and organising the tour until it is full
  • Creating a media kit for bloggers to use
  • Publicising all of the stops on my personal twitter and this website
  • Wrapping the tour up at the end to include all links, a few review quotes and the buy links
  • Dealing with any and all issues that arise
  • Pushing for bloggers to publish reviews on their blogs, Goodreads, and Amazon

I will;

  • Use my contacts to make sure every tour is full.
  • Use my previous experience to make sure everything runs smoothly and professionally.
  • Be in constant communication with you to make sure you feel reassured about the service.
  • Be available to help in any matter I can during your time with me.

Essentially, I make this stressful, time-consuming part of your marketing incredibly easy for you so that you can use your stress-free time to continue writing your next book.

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