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Tour Schedule: Be A Happier Parent with NLP


Be A Happier Parent with NLP By Judy Bartkowiak

Be A Happier Parent with NLP “Be A Happier Parent with NLP” gives you the skills you need to raise a confident, secure child in a confident and secure manner. The book uses the tried, trusted and proven techniques of neuro-linguistic programming to help tackle areas in which you may feel you lack confidence as a parent, while at the same time giving you the skills to help your child be happy, fulfilled and confident him- or herself. You’ll find yourself feeling less guilty, more in control, and communicating better with your child–at the same time be able to support your child in difficult situations and help him or her grow into a well-rounded adult.

Includes: Personal insights from the author’s many years of experience of working with children Practical exercises to help you engage with the book and act on what you learn One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the authors’ many years of experience Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts.

Goodreads. Amazon UK.

Tour Schedule


Monday 6th July
Tales of Yesterday
Turnip Surprise

Tuesday 7th July
A Daydreamer’s Thoughts

Wednesday 8th July
Being Tilly’s Mummy
Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist

Thursday 9th July
Mother Distracted

Friday 10th July
Live Otherwise
Hannah Spannah Coco Banana

Saturday 11th July
3 Princesses and 1 Dude

Sunday 12th July
All Things Emma Dunn
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